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Square Attack!

2009-04-14 19:06:04 by SP-Studios

So, it's finally here. None of you heard of it, but I've been working on this for months (mainly because I'm a beginner in Flash). Anyways, I finally submitted my game, Square Attack! The objective is to destroy as many squares as you can. You're basically aiming for a high score, and that's about it.

It got a few negative reviews, because it's a simple game (which is what I was aiming for) and because people found a way to get a good score. Well, I thought, if you found an easy way, why not make it harder? I mean, the objective is to have fun, so why take the boring way out to play the game?

Anyways, I'm curious to see how the game will progress. Hopefully, it'll turn out good.

Check it out here.


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2009-04-15 15:05:50

Pretty good game, we should collab on it :P

SP-Studios responds:

Heh, maybe.


2011-02-15 15:44:31

That was quite good,tbh.